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Time: November 22 to November 24, 2018(Thursday to Saturday)
Venue: National Convention and Exhibition Center(Shanghai)(333 Yuze Avenue, Shanghai)
Area: estimated80,000㎡
Main guest city hall: Turin, Italy

"World City Day" is the first international day promoted by the Chinese government at the United Nations. It is inherited from the "City, Better Life" spiritual heritage of the Shanghai World Expo. Since the first World Cities Day was held on 31 October 2014, a variety of thematic events have been held at the international and national levels. In order to fully implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party, guided by Xi Jinping's thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, China's major social contradictions have changed, and according to the highest international standards and the highest international level, according to the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government, "Relying on World City Day, The specific requirements of the International Urban Architecture Expo will be held in 2018. One of the thematic activities of the "2018 Shanghai International Cities and Architecture Expo"(hereinafter referred to as the "City Expo") will be held from November 22 to November 24, 2018. The National Convention and Exhibition Center(Shanghai) will be held.

Main guest city: Turin, Italy After several rounds of communication with the Italian Chinese Construction Association(ICAF) and the Chinese Youth Association(ANGI), it is planned to invite Turin, Italy, as the main guest city of the 2018 Shanghai City Fair, to hold the 2018 China-Italian Construction Cooperation Summit during the exhibition of the City Fair. And set up nearly 2,000 square meters of Italian national exhibition area.

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Document of the housing construction commission in 2018



Document of the Shanghai Municipal Committee of Housing and Urban-Rural Development


HJBF [2018] No.253

World Cities Day - 2018 Shanghai International City and Architecture EXPO

To Whom It May Concern:

Created from the legacy of “Better City, Better Life” from the Shanghai World Expo, World Cities Day is the first international day established by the Chinese government at the United Nations. The launch of World Cities Day on October 31st, 2014 created a variety of both international and domestic themed events and exhibitions, such as the Shanghai International City and Architecture Expo (SCAE) taking place again this November 22nd – 24th, 2018 at the National Convention and Exhibition Center.

Guided by the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and Xi Jinping’s “Socialism with Chinese Characteristics”, SCAE will be organized according to international standards and specific requirements from Shanghai Municipal CPC Committee and Municipal Government.

With the goal to build Shanghai into an ever more impressive metropolis, SCAE focuses on “Shanghai service, manufacturing, shopping, and culture”. The event will showcase the entire economic and urban development of Shanghai and highlight advanced international construction techniques and projects.

To celebrate in 2018 World Cities Day, all relevant organizations must fulfill certain tasks to be considered for participation or to visit the SCAE. For the detailed Exhibition Organization Scheme, please refer to the attached annex.

Annex: Organization Scheme for World Cities Day - 2018 Shanghai International City and Architecture EXPO

Shanghai Municipal Committee of Housing and Urban-Rural Development


May 16, 2018


Organization Scheme for

World Cities Day - 2018 Shanghai International City and Architecture EXPO

I. Organizing Body


Hosted by:


· Shanghai Municipal Committee of Housing and Urban-Rural Development

· Urban Planning Society of China

· Architectural Society of China


Supported by:

· Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission

· Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information

· Shanghai Science and Technology Committee

· Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission

· Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau

· Shanghai Municipal Administration of Planning and Land Resources

· Shanghai Water Authority (Shanghai Municipal Oceanic Bureau)

· State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Shanghai Municipal Government

· Shanghai Municipal Administration of Afforestation & City Appearance

· Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Housing Security and Management

· Shanghai Municipal Housing Security and Administration Bureau

· Office for Cooperation and Exchange Affairs of the Shanghai Municipal People's Government

· Shanghai Municipal Civil Defense Office

· Associazione Nuova Generazione Italo-Cinese (ANGI)

· Italian-Chinese Architectural Association (ICAF)


Co-hosted by:

· Shanghai Coordination Center for World Cities Day


Organized by:

· Shanghai Green Building Council


Operated by:

· VNU Exhibitions Asia Ltd.

· Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd. (under Donghao Lansheng Group)

II. Organizing Committee


Director: HUANG Yongping


Deputy Director: PEI Xiao, LIU Qianwei, China Association of City Planning (TBD), Architectural Society of China (TBD), GAN Zhongze, XU Jieliang


Members: CHENG Jian, BI Guiping, SHEN Honghua, CHEN Ning, JIN Yan, MA Yan, HUANG Zhonghui, ZHOU Xiangyu


III. Basic Information

Date: November 22nd – 24th (Thursday – Saturday)


Venue: National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai)

No 333, Shanghai Songze Avenue


Area:  80,000 m2


IV. Main Contents


1. Exhibitions (9 halls)

Serial No.

Exhibition Hall

Name of Section

Name of Exhibition Area



Theme Hall for World Cities Day

Exhibition Area of Turin, Italy

Italian Pavilion

Demonstration and Experience Area for achievements of Shanghai Urban Development



Theme Hall for Urban Traffic Construction and Parking Facilities

Exhibition Area for Urban Traffic Planning, Construction and Technology

Exhibition Area for Urban Parking Facilities &Technology and Charging Pile Equipment & Technology (with International Urban Parking Expo Shanghai 2018)



Theme Hall for Urban Construction, Management and Development

Exhibition Area for Urban Housing Construction and Urban Renovation Project

Exhibition Area for the Protection of Urban Historical Buildings

Exhibition Area for Urbanization and the Construction of “Characteristic Town"

Exhibition Area for Urban Innovation & Venture Park

Exhibition Area for Interior Design and Decoration of Major Urban Public Buildings

Exhibition Area for the Urban Public Security System, and the Construction, Technologies and Products for Disaster Prevention & Mitigation Facilities

Exhibition Area for Urban Financial Service Projects



Theme Hall for Urban Planning and Architectural Design

Exhibition Area for Urban Planning, Construction, Engineering Design (with 2018 Shanghai International Architectural Engineering Design and Urban Planning Exhibition)



Theme Hall for Construction Industrialization and Urban Infrastructure

Exhibition Area for Urban Building Industrialization and Innovation Technologies (with 2018 International Building Industrialization of Construction Exhibition Asia)

Exhibition Area for the Development, Construction and Utilization of Urban Underground Spaces (China Underground Space Industry Exhibition 2018)

Exhibition Area for Construction of Sponge City and  Underground Pipe Gallery

Exhibition Area for Key Projects and Innovative Technologies used in Urban Construction



Theme Hall for Smart City

Exhibition Area for New Smart City and Green Ecological Park

Exhibition Area for Smart City and the Application of BIM Technology



Theme Hall for Intelligent Transportation and Municipal facilities (with2018 Shanghai International Intelligent Transportation and Municipal facilities Exhibition)

Exhibition Area for Intelligent Transportation (e.g. Road Network Information, Vehicle Networking)

Exhibition Area for Intelligent and New Energy Public Transit System

Exhibition Area for Intelligent Road and Road Safety

Exhibition Area for Shared Traffic (e.g. time-sharing Lease)

Exhibition Area for Intelligent Lamp Post (with2018 City Green Lighting And Lighting Engineering Fair)

Exhibition Area for Template Scaffold Construction Technology and High-altitude Safety Protection (with 2018 Shanghai International Exhibition of Building Template Scaffold and Construction Technology, and 2018 Shanghai International Exhibition of High-altitude Construction and Safety Protection Equipment)

Exhibition Area for Municipal Maintenance Facility and Equipment



Theme Hall for Landscaping and Ecological Environmental Protection

Exhibition Area for Urban Landscaping and Ecological Remediation

Exhibition Area for Intelligent Property Management (with 2018 Shanghai International Intelligent Community and Property Development Exhibition)

Exhibition Area for Urban Environmental Governance and Utilization of New Energy (with 2018 Shanghai International Exhibition on Urban Environmental Governance and New Technologies)

Exhibition Area for Green Building Materials



Theme Hall for Intelligent Comfort and Intelligent Building

Exhibition Area for Urban Water Supply (Building Water Supply and Drainage) (with 2018 Shanghai International Exhibition on Urban Water Supply and Service)

Exhibition Area for Intelligent Gas Service

Exhibition Area for HVAC New Energy and Air Purification (with 2018 Shanghai International Exhibition on HVAC and Fresh Air Technology)

Exhibition Area for Intelligent Buildings (with 2018 Shanghai International Exhibition on Intelligent Building and Home)


Opening Ceremony and Forum:

· Opening Ceremony: Moring of November 22, 2018


· Professional Forum: Organized by topic such as; sustainable renovation of the city, repairs of existing buildings, green construction, safe and intelligent construction of roads and tunnels, green building material, green equipment, landscaping, energy internet, post-performance evaluation of green buildings, water efficiency marking, etc.


· Invite Turin, Italy to participate in SCAE 2018 to organize China-Italy Architectural Cooperation Summit and set up relevant exhibition area


V. Visitor Organization

· Departments of municipal construction and management, trade associations, academic societies, scientific research institutions, and universities and colleges


· Owner representatives from proposed /unbuilt municipal construction projects


· Suppliers, technology integrators, consulting service providers, buyers


· Representative of International commercial office, and overseas contractor


· Key major projects, infrastructure investors, tenderers, and general contractors


· Chief engineers, chief architects, chief planners, and researchers in architectural colleges


· Registered project construction practitioners


· Trade Media


· High school and college student groups


VI. Contacts

Shanghai Green Building Council:

XU Mengting, SHEN Yinyin (opening ceremony and forum)

Tel: 021-64083368ext 601; 64697039

Email: 603945929@qq.com


VNU Exhibitions Shanghai:

YAO Jianjie (Exhibition Hall 6.1H and 6.2H)

Tel: 021-61953555

Mobile: 13611607136

Email: rainhard.yao@vnuexhibitions.com.cn


Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd.:

ZHOU Xin (Exhibition Hall 7.1H and 7.2H)

Tel: 021-63288899 ext. 827

Mobile: 13817060988

Email: 13817060988@163.com


Shanghai Municipal Committee of Housing and Urban-Rural Development

Issued on May 16, 2018